Can I use a Xbox 360 Controller and Xbox one controller at the same time?


I bought a Xbox one controller today and I wonder if I can use my old Xbox 360 Controller and my new Xbox one controller at the same time. I want to play with my friend using both controllers on my PC. Is it possible to have multiple controllers connected on my windows machine?

Hardware Video games Question created: 2020-07-10 07:22 Juli


Yes, you can use multiple controllers (Xbox 360, Xbox One, and others controllers) at the same time and playing games with different inputs. All input devices will be handled as unique input devices. It doesnt matter if you using the wireless xbox adapter, bluetooth, or connecting your controllers via USB Cable. You should be able to select all this input devices in your game, as long as the game is supporting it. 

answered 2020-07-10 07:37 KipKop