Who is Karl in Deep Rock Galactic?

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For Karl! - That's what the dwarf in Deep Rock Galactic saying a lot of times. 

I just wonder, who exactly is Karl

Computer Question created: 2020-11-04 11:42 WindusMann


It's not 100% clear who Karl really is. The Deep Rock Galactic community speculates about Karl a lot. So, here are some suggestions about “Karl”. Karl may is …. 

- Karl is a fallen teammate who is cherished.
- Karl is the person who directs your drawf team throughout missions.He is the voice who leads you thrue the missions. 
- Karl is the CEO of the mining company you working for.
- Karl is not a realy person - he is a myth. 
- Karl is a master brewer and makes the best beer.

answered 2020-11-04 11:58 eakyBoy