Save game location in Diplomacy is Not an Option

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I want to backup or share my save games from Diplomacy is Not an Option but I can't find the save games file. Does someone know where to find those files? I play via Steam. Thank you

Question created: 2022-02-13 17:24 MelCodeson


The save game location of Diplomacy is Not an Option is the following. Ensure that you have enabled “show hidden folder and files” in the windows explorer. Else folder like “AppData” are not visible.  

This is the save game location - don't forget to insert your windows user name:

C:\Users\<InsertYourWindowsUserNameHere>\AppData\LocalLow\Door 407\Diplomacy is Not an Option\DNOPersistentData\YUA

answered 2022-02-18 06:42 gam0r