Half-Life Longjump / Jetpack / Helmet one key bind alias

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I'm looking for a Half-Life key bind to use the longjump by pressing jump one key. 

Could someone share his Half-Life config alias with me? 

Software Question created: 2020-05-01 08:32 darkOrbit


You can use this alias which let you use the longjump (the orange helmet in Half-Life game) with just one key press. If you dont have the helmet it will exec a “normal” jump. The jump alias is binded to the “space” key on your keyboard. 

// Longjump

alias "+lj" "+duck;wait;+jump"
alias "-lj" "-jump;wait;-duck"

bind "space" "+lj"

Put this alias into your autoexec.cfg config file. Its located in this directory:

answered 2020-05-01 08:37 gam0r