Graveyard Keeper: How do I rescue Vagner from the fort?

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I don't know how to rescue Vagnar from the fort in Graveyard Keeper. Does someone have an idea or did I miss something? I love this game so much but some quests are very difficult to me.

Question created: 2021-03-03 11:54 gemuetze


Thats how you can rescue Wagner from the fort:

After you meet with Vagner on the cliff and he gets captured and you get a song. Give this song to Ms. Charm. She will want to meet Vagner, but, he is in the Fort. 

Then Speak to the Astrologer and let him know that there is a way he can help Ms. Charm. 

You need to give him a Silver Book at first...then you have wait a week...after a week give him a Gold Book ...then wait another week... speak to him again. Now the Astrologer wants Aristocrat Papers before they can go to the fort under the guise of a University Expedition.

answered 2021-12-27 13:58 666Bink