Cyberpunk 2077: Code for secret dev room door at Kabuki Market

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There is a secret room which need a code (near kabuki market). It's seems like this is an easter egg and I want to open it. I can't find the code. Could someone give me the code for opening the door?

Question created: 2020-12-30 08:49 cleaner


YOU MUST COMPLETE THE MAIN MISSION - THE RESCUE before you can open the door. I've searched a lot for this code but in the end I've find it in some note. The game makes it realy hard to find the code.

You have to search a bit. Go down the stairs on the north side of the market than go to a dead end. It’ll be a closed garage door with a hidden keypad behind a sign. Code will be 605185.

answered 2020-12-30 08:52 zulu