Discord: Cannot find module 'discord_desktop_core'


My Discord app broken on my Windows machine for some reason. When I try to start Discord it gives me this error: “Cannot find module 'discord_desktop_core'”. I've tried to uninstall and install Discord but it did not fix the error. 

Windows Question created: 2020-12-08 06:22 zulu


I had the same error and I was able to fix it. Just follow this steps. It will help you to solve the Error: cannot find module ‘discord_desktop_core’ message on Discord boot: 

  • Uninstall Discord, move to your Control Panel and select: Select Programs > Programs and Features > Uninstall discord
  • Delete the following folder on your machine: AppData\Local\Discord
  • Delete the following folder on your computer: AppData\Roaming\Discord
  • Download the latest discord from the official website and install discord again.

I had the error multiple times now. I cannot say why this error comes up but those steps allways fixed the issue for me.

answered 2020-12-08 11:28 uthar