Discord: Count users on a server


I have a Discord Voice Server and I want to get the total number of users on my server. Is there any easy way to get the count of the users on the server? Is there something like “Server statstics”?

Linux Mac Windows Question created: 2020-05-17 09:24 Ulminator


You can access the members count on your server settings. This is the only way I know. 

Check how many users on your discord server by following this steps:

- Select your discord server.
- Click on the server name on the top left.
- Choose “Serversettings” in the dropdown menu. 
- Move to “Members” in the “User administration” section on the left site.
- Here you can see how many users are on your server. 

Please note: There are currently no server stats available in discord. This is the only way to get the user count on your discord server. 

answered 2020-05-20 06:16 Aphrodite